By Alan Ostrowsky

Fear is a very powerful tool of control.

Experienced political analysts of the One World Government, would say that the beheading of the UK soldier in London was right out of their well fashioned false flag handbook.  From the instance that the video of the alleged killer was broadcast worldwide, it smelt fishier than a Japanese Whaling Research vessel.  

Thanks to the marvel of the information highway, we are able to share our suspicions on mass.  And when the Woolwich beheading is analysed (not even with too much effort), we can see that the false flag protagonists are so drunk with assuredness. That their efforts are so comical that it makes one of Tom Cruise’s many B Grade movies seem intelligent. For in the minds of the One World Government boardroom, they have the average Joe and Jenny so spooked from Terrorism. That now they only have to extend their previous elaborate efforts, to using far-fetched “Keystone cops” scenarios.

All of the hard work has been done at 911, London  7/7, the Bali bombings and the alleged close calls stopped by MI5, Homeland Security and other national security groups thereafter.

When the One World Government wants to advance its level of control – once again let’s drag out that boogieman. So let’s pull out some Chechen terrorist bombers – we can then shut down the city of Boston and do as we like. 

Once the public is deemed as complacent by the One World Government – whammo – drag out the boogieman.  Have two crazy Muslims kill the heroic soldier in the heart of London.

Fear is a very powerful tool of control.    

Where was Benny Hill when we needed him?

On May 24th 2013 the Western world’s mainstream media proclaimed in unison that “the UK and the world witnessed the latest violent public act – the continuing threat on mankind and world peace” – those “Evil Islamic terrorists!”

Who can forget the zealous Muslim and his dried red ink hands holding onto that knife and machete? Whilst the obliging onlooker with camera in hand, carefully and meticulously filmed the zealous ranting of the perpetrator. Providing the brainwashed world with a perfectly focused and arranged production.  A laymen cameraman apparently oblivious to any potential threat to him or others around him.  A filming that would make the most experienced cameraman proud of his efforts. If the cameraman was from one of the mainstream channels he would have surely been a nominated for a TV award. Perhaps the more appropriate nomination category might be in the “Short story fiction movie for people that believe anything the government tells them” section.

And what would of really of capped it off for the producers, was if that older lady that walked around the ranting Muslim performer with her shopping trolley, was to hit the man with her handbag, in the good old Benny Hill tradition. And the ranting performer was to chase the old lady down the street, with two heavily busted blondes and that little bald Benny Hill side kick, smacking them on the rear-end with a small whip.  And don’t forget that Benny Hill chase music. Oh yes a slapstick scene that would have made that king of comedy Benny Hill proud. (See the propaganda video in our references.)


 Yes this would be hilarious if it wasn’t for the serious ramifications of this false flag event

For the family and friends of the sacrificed soldier this is absolutely mortifying – an absolute nightmare. How could a patriotic and innocent soldier be sacrificed you might ask? Well if it was easy to sacrifice all of those false flag victims in New York, London, Bali, etc. What is one more person? It is all necessary collateral damage for the higher calling of the Global elite.

For the thousands of armed servicemen and woman worldwide fighting this supposed war on terror, it was another kick in the guts. Another reason to keep up the good fight.  Another piece of deception for these Military Patsies to literally continue being the “fallguy”.  Military Suckers playing out the fantasies of the One World Government and the Global elite. Invading the homes of innocent people.  Murdering men, woman and children. All in the name of world peace.

When the true reasons are complete global financial/political control and the building of their Zionist temple in Jerusalem.

All the while the racism envelope is been pushed harder and harder. And the Jews/Christians and the Muslims continue to mistrust each other more and more. Whilst the extremists from each side, are bated and sucked into performing unspeakable acts of cruelty and brutality.

For this is the motto of the One World Government and its Satanic religion “order out of chaos”. Create such trouble in the world and the people will reach out to the governing authorities for help and gladly forsake their rights to gain peace.  This is the Hegelian principle in massive proportions.    


Two men who look like they are on mind altering drugs drive down a road in Woolwich, South East London, and run down a man. They drag the man from the hit site and reportedly start hacking away at him with a knife and a meat cleaver.  It has been reported that they tried to behead the victim. This is where the efforts of the scaremongering protagonists behind the scene dramatically unravel:

1. Lots of blood where the man was initially hit by the offending car.  No blood surrounding the man despite reports that the two men ‘hacked away at him like a piece of meat’

2. The two ‘hackers’ then proceed to interact with the watching public…a huge crowd…even giving interviews, explanations and offering apologies to women for having witnessed the attack. And who can forget the little old lady conveniently stepping around the ranting terrorist during the filming. I don’t think the poor lady had become so desensitized by countless marathon hours, playing graphically violent video games all night. “Blood..….really?  I’ll show them blood when I massacre that North Korean village, when I get to level 12 tonite!”  Sniggered the old lady.

3. One witness says his mum or his friends mum asked the meat cleaver holding, knife waving, gun toting men if she could comfort the dying man as he passed away….umm, I thought he was beheaded?

Since when did the public approach two maniacs with meat cleavers who are hacking away at a man’s head and ask if they can have an interview? Just after the two men had hacked to ‘pieces’ the man’s head and body.  Apparently these people must also play similarly graphic violent video games.

4. Steven Spielberg would not have approved of this! Pictures clearly show that the “Set Assistant” either forgot to wipe out or tone down the actor’s chalk prompt-markings on the ground. This assistant won’t have his contract renewed. And the director will have to go back to doing reality shows.

“London Beheading Hoax Confirmed?” The blooper set markings throughout the scene:

5. As far as I am aware, hacking a human being to death and beheading him would have the attackers covered in blood….yet the attacker giving the interview has blood only on his hands – in the first video. And mysteriously, no blood on his hands in another video of the same scene. Who was the editor of this movie anyway?

6. Witnesses huddled in a huge crowd only take pictures and speak to the attackers, but no one tries to help?

 Witnesses run into a nursery asking for help. “Quick hand me some toxic Calla Lilly flowers to rub in the crazed killers’ eyes!”….yet there is a Military barracks literally a stone’s throw away but no witnesses ran there. Despite reports that the dead man was a soldier.

7. Armed Police took 20 minutes to arrive on the scene….the attackers are still there; they shoot the attackers….but Armed Police ate stationed less than 1 mile away from the incident at Plumstead police Station? Lewisham Police Station is less than 3 miles away and is lauded as the largest in Western Europe….20 minutes? Seriously? I could call up and claim my old neighbour Rottweiler bit me and they would get to me in 5 min or less. Those naughty soldiers were probably late in returning from the last Benny Hill scene. Where they were busy chasing semi naked women in a nearby park. What would Benny say?

8. The case of the bodged forensic scene tent moving from place to place. Were there busty British blondes under the tent? Have a look at this webpage. It jufis a classic unintended stuff-up by the British production crew.

9. On cue the world’s mainstream media report this from minute one as a terrorist attack and show clips of the London 7/7 terrorism attack. Did the news presenter’s speeches come from the same propaganda offices as 911? Apparently so.

10. Why did the UK Deputy PM cancel his trip to Germany and Prime Minister Cameron return from France to hold a COBRA meeting to discuss possible escalation in terrorist attacks?

And of course the media brings out terrorism experts to give analysis.

Two men kill a man and then give interviews, do not harm anyone else. Both are pictured having conversation with bystanders – yet its global news of a terrorist attack on the streets of London.

11. The Woolwich Attack – Video mirrors the exact same ending as the video of the Boston Bombings false flag shootout. Using carefully arranged cameras and settings.

Frustration by allusion

But in what must be frustrating to the many Conspiracy observers. Even though we are able to share our suspicions on mass with great clarity, we are powerless to oppose it. The best we can do is not be hoodwinked into the One Worlds Governments lies and deception. For by ignoring their lies we lesser their strength. As with every bully, the power of the One World Government is built on an allusion.  And no matter how strong an allusion may appear, it will always end.

What is the next false flag scenario?

What is the next false flag scenario? Is it a group of Middle Eastern clad CIA agents running around with shaving cream frothing out of their mouths? Being chased by Syrian soldiers, clutching cans of fly-spray. And soon after we watch President Obama announcing a no fly zone over the entire Syrian airspace with a precursor to war. 

I know they won’t be using the Woolwich production crew for this false flag episode.

No Benny Hill and they can’t even get Leslie Nielsen to kick some terrorist leaders arse.     

More relevant references and information:

Here is the youtube of those damn murdering “Red Commie” Muslims for the world to see. We have two versions for you to see. It is one of the only versions that show two women casually walking around the ranting terrorist suspect. The vast majority of the other video versions have the women edited out. Watch how the women nonchalantly walk past the ranting man. In the second version the women walking past are edited out. Not as scary for the viewers if we see these two simply going about their business. But watch this edited version – where you clearly see how after the man has finished his ranting, he looks carefully down to a white chalk marker on the road and steps near the marker as he crosses the road.

The unedited version with blurring


The edited version with the obvious cue line step

The London Killing False Flag Attack: London’s False Flag Even More Pathetic Than The Boston “Bombing”!

At the time, AP reported that Israel’s London embassy warned Scotland Yard in advance. Israeli Army Radio said:

London’s false flag even more pathetic than the Boston Bombing

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