The New Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital is shaped like the Mason/Illuminati symbol

By Alan Ostrowsky

A good friend of mine R.J found this sickening image on Earth Google the other day. He presented this finding on a facebook page I am a member of – End Times Ministries. This facebook page presents a lot of these discoveries. I think R..J is the first person to go public on this controversial similarity.

The shape of the new Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital resembles the Mason/Illuminati symbol. This is of course no coincidence.  There are numerous Mason/Illuminati symbols in architecture worldwide. Namely the Australian Parliament House in Canberra, Dubai, St. Peter’s Square Rome, Las Vegas, Washington and its Pentagon (Pentagram) and the Washington Monument. And I have only mentioned a few.

The Illuminati heavily promote their allegiance to Satan their Master this way. Not to mention their worship of money.

It is quite ironic that the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital has this relationship with the Mason and Illuminati sects. As the RMCH shamelessly promotes and supports the Cancer Industry and the Pharmaceutical Industry. It also has a McDonald’s store in its grounds.

So hey why not go all out and create an enormous symbol to show their allegiance for the whole world to see.

Readers beware; this article has to have a mention of God for understanding the relevance of the Illuminati and Satan. If you find the mentioning of God the Father difficult to hear about, then why are you so concerned about the Illuminati and their Master Satan? The two powers are complete opposite but you can’t really be concerned about one and not be aware of the other. If you don’t believe in God, then why be bothered with those Satan worshiping sects.

The Mason and Illuminati sects have a great deal of influence with money, pharmaceuticals and control. And this is what the conventional medical and pharmaceutical industries are all about.

Hospitals such as Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital do wonderful things to save many children’s lives. They have helped many children out of grave ailments. But it is when the tentacles of the Cancer Industry and the Pharmaceutical Industry get involved (which is mostly always) – is when the trouble begins.  

The Cancer Industry and the Pharmaceutical Industry shamelessly take advantage of so many caring practitioners at the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital. The Cancer Industry and the Pharmaceutical Industry shamelessly take advantage of so many loving parents at the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital. The Cancer Industry and the Pharmaceutical Industry shamelessly take advantage of so many innocent and vulnerable young children at the Royal Melbourne Children’s Hospital.

And once again the Mason and Illuminati sects have their mark and symbol on another public building – a Medical/Pharmaceutical organization. Typical of their influence alongside their political and religious interests.

Their Master will be pleased.

All the while so many compassionate and sick people are placing their trust in an evil empire.




  1. That is pretty scary. My school is very close to that hospital. D:

    • Most definitely Andrea. The Mason/Illuminati have their satanic tentacles everywhere. Especially where they can make a dollar and worship their Father the Devil.

  2. The Symbol Triangle resembles Trinity and the eye inside of it resembles oneness the truth…

    • I agree, imaginations can get you everywhere, wondering why they always insist that sign is devilish sign…

  3. you shouldn’t believe the hype. The illuminati are not devil worshipers. You can subscribe to any religion or spirituality to join them. They are just more enlightened individuals, some of them have some $$$.

    Just relax and stop reading crazy websites and instead do a proper search on them..

  4. Bill Watts says:

    It’s the perfect deception. Give with one hand and control with the other. Parents and in particular Society has been so dumbed down to question anything that Our Children do face a dire future of Fear and Death.

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