By Alan Ostrowsky

The One World Government and the Global elite do not want our children and teenagers to question authority or take any interest in political affairs. That is political affairs outside the circus of the usual two or one party puppet show around the world. The indoctrination and education of our youth involves carefully assigned knowledge and entertainment. It is way of life that makes the quote from Emperor Commodus in the Gladiator epic movie, stating “I will give them Gladiator  games for 125 days and the rabble will love me” – pale in significance to our 24/7, 364 days of the year fun fun fun. Commodus of course used  it as a means to distract the disquiet in Rome at the time.

Whenever I see what the youth are up to today I always think back to that short scene from Gladiator.

As a young boy I regularly watched a 1960s science fiction show called Lost in Space. One show involved a visit to a planet where the youth ran the planet and they never grew up. When the youth of the travelling Space family the Robinsons, arrived on the planet, they were coaxed into joining the youth movement. William and his sister Penny then became extremely disrespectful to their parents. On this planet whenever certain psychedelic music was played all of the youth (including the two new converts) were placed in a trance and kept dancing. Oblivious to their surroundings.

Television being television at the time, resulted in the Robinson adults breaking the spell of control and duly escaping with their teenagers from the youth enslaving planet.

How I wish there were such happy endings as that episode. Does that youth planet sound familiar to anybody reading this article. The lesson expressed by the writer of that show could not be more profound. It seemed like it was written for the 21st century.

Our children and teenagers are purposely being dumbed down by the the One World Government and the Global elite. For the less you know the less you  complain about. Ignorance is bliss in the minds of the Global elite. As with ignorance also comes enslavement.

Viewers of mainstream television are now bombarded with a plethora of reality shows. Dedicated viewers can now observe various reality competitions in: cooking, building, weight loss, orienteering, dancing, survival, singing, general performance, modelling and with no doubt the stupidest and brain dead type of reality show, Big Brother.

Big Brother apart from being a nothing show, also gives a glimpse of what the One World government and Global elite want our youth to be. They want our youth to be totally lacking in useful motivation. They want our youth to just sit around and talk about utter crap.  They want our youth to just sit around and be concerned with appearances, sex, food, gossip and entertainment. And eventually fit into assigned employment and be model citizens. Big Brother is a major conditioner of our youth to be like these “Contestants of Sloth”.

The voice of Big Brother and its authority in the show is far more profound than viewers know. Viewers are being conditioned to listen to an outside and invasive authority. Big Brother’s in your face image of control and invasiveness gives the viewers the impression that it is all just entertainment.

Big Brother is bad on four fronts:

1) It is mind numbing entertainment

2) It contains a truckload of obvious and subliminal anti-social messages

3) It promotes laziness and apathy

4) It promotes compliance and subordination

Jersey Shore is another reality show which only promotes selfishness, image and a low IQ. If you watch this utter waste of television, you will see just how low the bar has gone. It is just a bunch of obnoxious, sexed up and dumbed down 20 year olds. Who just party party party.

All in all Reality shows are disastrous. They provide an alternative universe . Escapism that provides people the chance to loose their own self worth and self awareness. Reality shows think and act for us.

Pay TV or Cable as it is known in the United States, has enabled the Global elite’s mainstream media to control our minds 24 hours a day. If you missed the sports-game turn on the 24 hour sports news channel. If you missed a Simpson’s or Family Guy show don’t worry – watch the reply. In Australia our pay television is owned by the Fox network.

The Fox Network is part of the Global elite and the Illuminati. Foxtel includes such wholesome shows on its network as vampire shows, werewolfs and zombies and model like actors and actresses that only increases our youth’s insecurities, lack of reality and sexual desires.

The three main cartoons on the Fox network: The Simpsons, Family Guy and American all follow a similar theme. All three promote homosexuality, disrespect for parents, atheism, poor academic achievement and violence. All three are promoted as being on Foxtel’s family channel.

What else are you to expect from a network that part of the Global elite.

So what is the answer? Avoid the mainstream media. Teach our youth about the hidden and obviously destructive  messages they are learning. Show them that they are better than that.

Show them how if they continue to follow the leads of the mainstream media they will be lead into slavery. You will be surprised how your young child will listen to you. As for teenagers, you will hit a raw nerve. On one side they will hate you telling what to do. On the other hand they will not show you their feelings of not wanting to be a slave of society. Their rebellion towards you can be adjusted with subtle guidance to include the enslaving media.



  1. e8hffff says:

    Some say the best advice is to turn the damn thing(TV) off.

    The TV is weaponised. It ‘programs’ you

  2. ok couldn’t even read th1s because you started talkng about some tv show called the robnsons and sorry but that makes for a weak topic research.

  3. also 1 dont understand what’s so bad about makng a show about 20 year olds partyng? people watch tv for entertanment rght? and isn’t that some of the most entertanng content you can fnd? m not tryng to argue, cuz m actualy a hard core conspracy theorst, but there’s so much hogwash conspracy crap out there that t’s gettng hard to know what s real and what s a load of crap. people are sayng everyone and everthng s llumnat these days, whle theyre sttng back laughng. so ….i really dont understand how you can say that realty shows are bad when one pont doesn’t make sense to ME….that bg brother promotoes “anti socal behavior” yet realty shows n my opnon seem to actually PROMOTE beng socal and gong ut and dong thngs havng a good tme, lvng ur lfe, etc….if ur on facebook, we can talk there would lvoe to talk more. m actually lookng up chemtrals rght now and tryng to fgure out how they are “dumbng down” our youth. I ddn’t watch tv for years… m watchng t to study it. i dont fully agree wth it, lke i sad m a conspracy theorist too, but i also have ben really lonely lately and tv makes me feel better, t’s jsut nce to not be sttng alone n a dark quet room twddlng my thumbs all the tme. f u can talk please emal me at please dont add me just to add me. i genuntely want to talk about the youth of today.

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